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I have been beavering away on a feature for Eurogamer.  Tom Bramwell was kind enough to let me ramble for 1,500 words about an obscure Russian game no one’s played, and give me handsome money for it.  What a lovely chap.  To show him how lovely we think he is, everyone should go read it.

Imagine launching Oblivion one day to find everything’s changed. The trees have died, the grass is a sick shade of brown, the city is collapsing, the sky’s dark, and everyone around you is screaming in agony. They’re dying – tens, hundreds a day – and despite everything you try, nobody’s getting better. You’re not making a difference. You’re lost in blind panic and horrible despair, and all you can do is struggle for survival in the hope that, eventually, everything will fall into place, before it falls out of existence all together.


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