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And by sheer coincidence, having just interviewed Ms. Dear Esther Music, the lovely lads at Rock, Paper, Shotgun kindly have me onboard as a guest writer, as I bash out 1500 words on why that mod is so bloody great.  And it really is.  You should certainly go play it.  Particularly joyous is the headline RPS have given it. The hand of Mod! Ingenious.

It’s difficult to know how to begin a piece like this, a piece in which you know you’re going to effuse wildly about something few will have heard of and less will have tried out. I’ve written and re-written this opening countless times, discarding each and every one. Too gushing. Not gushing enough. Too vague. Too pretentious. Nothing works, and everything descends into incomprehensible nonsense or obscure cultural reference. None of us want that. So let’s keep it simple:

Last year, a Half-Life 2 mod changed my outlook on games forever.


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