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In a sense, I’m really glad I’m not on my way to E3, where PR stands in front of developer and shouts buzzwords into the collective ear of the eager press.  I’m much happier saving money, sitting at home and playing through the first 3/4 of Machinarium, which is proving to be absolutely joyous, and is my current huge tip for later this year.

As we’re not a news site at Reso, we won’t be on much in the way of E3 stuff, unless it’s something that sparks our interest for a feature.  People haven’t seemed to notice, and I awake to bucketloads of pre-E3 press releases, invites, interview opportunities and the like.  I’m not there, guys.  We don’t do that kind of stuff.

In another sense, I wish I was there, though.  I have a few press events lined up this year (particularly excited about the Videogame Nation lectures, which start a week Sunday), but E3’s the big one and I’ve never had the opportunity to go, even before it became industry-only and started to get a bit sickeningly marketing-bullshit.  It would be cool…


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