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I’ve been lucky enough to play the first few levels from FrozenByte’s upcoming PS3/PC platformer Trine.

It’s a stunningly attractive game, with a sharp detail to the design that puts most to shame. It’s also primarily about a collection of ingenious environmental puzzles, solveable by switching seamlessly between the three playable characters.

I talk about it at the link below. I cannot wait to play more of this.

It’s astoundingly beautiful, seamlessly combining traditional fantasy and steampunk moods to create something entirely unique. The attention to detail is mind-blowing, and the advanced physics look astonishing in their fluidity. But it’s all tied inexorably to the mechanics of the game. Be it pushing boxes with telekenisis as the wizard, swinging from ropes as the thief, or just clobbering everything in sight as the knight, the world responds effortlessly to your actions, and puzzles demand careful thought as to whose abilities are best suited to the task in hand.”


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