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I’ve always joked that the title “columnist” just means you’re not good enough to be a proper journalist.  So it’s probably apt that I’ve joined the Gamasutra Network freelance squad to write a fortnightly column over at GameSetWatch.

Which is something I’ve mentioned in passing already, I think, but the first column is live today.  The first in a series called The Magic Resolution (editor Simon Carless came up with that witty title, but I’ll happily accept credit for it), I begin by talking about something completely unrelated to games.

Only it is!  Don’t you see?!

You probably will if you read it.

I picked up my girlfriend around five, maybe five-thirty. It had been a stunning summer’s day, the sort where everyone seems thrilled just to be there, just to exist. We drove through rush hour traffic towards the bowling alley. “Just like our first date,” she remarked. I smiled. I’d forgotten, for a minute. I mean, it’s not like I don’t remember every second I’ve spent with her, but still. Caught in the moment, you know?


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