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Read This (15/06/09)

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It’s a trend, man. You knew I was going to do it eventually, even though I estimate this blog has approximately three readers.  You three: you absolutely should read this collection of games-stuff from the past week or so, written by comrades, peers or people I’ve never heard of.

Yeah. Ideally I’d like this to not be just about games-related reading, so I need to span out a bit.  Music/film/culture/anything goes next time round.


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  1. I like to think of us as games journalism reviewers.

  2. I like this, I have always enjoyed reading The Sunday Papers on RPS, will be good to have something else I can check ot 🙂

  3. GameSetWatch do one every day, too. And Christos… has done one, once.

  4. GSW does one every day? I shall have to bookmark it presently. I am starting to do a slightly similar thing on where I surmise my writings from various places over the previous week or two. Not really all that good 😀


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