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Women and that.

I’ve been working on a feature for Faceoff Games about videogames, women, representation and the industry. It’s online now, and some of the words read a bit like this:

The content of the videogames currently flooding the market is doubtlessly significant, and there’s hefty evidence that changes need to be made.  But what about behind the scenes?  Since Bailey in 1980, a number of noteable women have taken up roles in the games industry.  It began quickly with the Blue Sky Rangers, a group of female developers working anonymously on Intellivision games in the few years following Centipede’s innovation.  And recently, high profile core franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and BioShock have seen women contributing to the design and development in senior positions.

Why not read it and suchlike?


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  1. Really interesting article.
    Nice to see an informed opinion that doesn’t fall back on stereotyping or gender assumptions.

  2. Damn me for pressing enter too quickly!
    Was going to say: Generally articles about women and gaming wind me up at some point, but yours didn’t and was very well written. Good to see 🙂


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