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Oh, hey! Hey! You there! I have an announcement to make!

You like playing mods, don’t you?  Of course you like playing mods!  Your hard drive is full of them!  No, don’t try to deny it, I already checked.  Mods, mods, mods and some other stuff we won’t mention in public, wink-wink. You love them. You can’t get enough of them.

So where, might I ask, do you go to read about them?

ModDB? No, no, I don’t mean that. Obviously you go to ModDB. It’s a fantastic community portal and a great, easy route via which developers can share their work.  But do you read stuff there?  Like, really?  They do the odd interview, sure, but it’s mainly just news posts by the devs themselves, right?  Where do you go to read stuff about mods?

A couple of pages in the back of a PC mag? Sure, that’s all well and good, but that gives you, what, five minutes mod-reading time a month? Fansites for the original game? Sure, sure, but mod coverage is only a tiny part of those, and it’s not exactly the most astonishing coverage in the world, is it? Where else? Nowhere? Nowhere?

Well check this out, then: – a new home for mod coverage on the web.

That’s right! Now, you can read all your mod coverage under one electronic roof at good old UserCreated, a site 100 per cent dedicated to the coverage of modifications for all manner of PC games.  From tweaks for Oblivion to full-blown Half-Life 2 total-conversions, from news posts to reviews to features to whatever-the-heck-will-its-team-of-attractive-editors-think-of-next?, it promises to provide a simply marvellous collection of content.

How so? Well, even though the site is still in a sort of work-in-progress public-beta phase at the minute, it already features an enormous interview with The Nameless Mod creators Off Topic Productions, the first in a series of round-ups demonstrating the best in Oblivion mods, tweaks and fixes, a love letter to Research & Development and two reviews of spanking new mods! What on Earth more could you ask for? You greedy little horse.

So yes! You there! Head on over to right now! Register! Comment! Read! Explode in a fit of passion!


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  1. That’s a good place that needed to be created so thank for the info it’s worthy ! I feel like I will reinstall oblivion pretty soon… 😉


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