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A couple of friends of mine are in a stupid band called Chickenhawk. They play very loud music. Last summer, they made a video for their single I Hate This, Do You Like It?, in which a truckload of people I know were elaborately dressed as zombies for a 28-Days style marathon shoot. I was totally up for being an extra, but couldn’t commit to all the days, unfortunately.

NME staff photographer Danny North directed the vid. He’s an astonishingly talented man who, along with an equally astonishing team, turned a neat idea into something really, properly cool.  The video is totally worth watching, even if the music blows out your feeble eardrums.

The reason I write this now is because Danny’s just chucked up a behind-the-scenes reel that was shot alongside the video, was shown at the launch, but has never been properly available.  It makes for interesting and fun viewing, even though your probably not knowing anyone involved will make it less fun than it was for me to watch.

Both the video and the making-of can be seen on Danny’s blog.  It’s also worth going back to the homepage and scrolling down to see his Monotonix shoot. I’ve never seen Monotonix, but I’m led to believe they put on the most ridiculous live shows known to man. The photoshoot goes some way to proving that, I suspect.


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