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Webcomics are usually terrible. Let’s be quite realistic about that. So I rarely read them. In fact, I don’t think I read any. Until I spotted someone advertising one on Resolution, liked the art style, and decided to idly click through (hell, it notches our clickthrough rate up one, right?). And I fell in love with Buttersafe.

Buttersafe have been regular advertisers with us for about six months now. I do, of course, appreciate their custom, so feel free to consider this a conflicted interest recommendation. But… oh, just go and read Buttersafe. It’s glorious.

Its sense of humour is just barmy. But, more importantly, exactly the same as mine. It’s cute, and innocent, and the pictures are pretty, but it’s dark and twisted and utterly wrong at the same time.  It’s also fabulously written, which is such a rarity in this type of web comic. Or, at least, the regular ones I’ve read in the past. Everything about Buttersafe is just gorgeous. At present, I am hugely tempted to order a load of T-shirts from them, and force everyone on the planet to wear them.

Go read. If you really need some more encouragement, here is a random sample:


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  1. Came across this the other day from a tweet or a RT from you or Jaz (possibly both), and fell in love with it. Wonderful stuff.


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