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One Month

I’ve now been writing a blog post every day for one month. One month and a day, actually, since I happened to blog something on New Year’s Eve. Already it’s been such a worthwhile experiment, for a whole truckload of reasons.

I’ve written about things I’d never think to write about. I’ve learnt things when I’ve found myself struggling to write about them, and ended up reading other things just to tighten up what I was going to say. I’ve a load of new people reading my blog. Probably a few more people knowing who I am, full-stop. And I know who a load of other people are – there’s a very real sense of camaradarie to One A Day, and it’s been great to work towards a common goal with this set of ambitious idiots.

So. A month down. Eleven to go. Can we do it?


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  1. Agreed. The great thing about this is that everyone gets a free ‘I’ve kept it up for a whole month’ post.

  2. Congratulations!, Keep them coming.
    Question. Mass effect 2 or No more heroes 2?

  3. There is a lovely sense of camaraderie 🙂 Hopefully the vast majority of us, if not all, will make it to the full 365!

  4. A-fuckin’-men. To 11 more months!


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