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Not The Doctor, Part 3

I’ve been surprised to find that a lot of people seem at least vaguely interested in what I have to say about the Wakefield situation. Because, y’know, I know nothing about medicine at all. But I’ve received a few emails from people now, people on both sides of the debate, who’ve prodded me in the direction of new information.

Red a godawful thing by Fiona Phillips today, whose argument – bizarrely – was “Okay, his research methodology was questionable, but at least he was trying to help.” I’ll grab the link, when I can be bothered. Because right now, I’m quickly scheduling this post to go up tomorrow, when I’ll be spending all day travelling without an Internet connection.

Right. Is that enough text? Good. So totally phoning in, here’s a link to a video someone emailed me. Which, er, might have been spam now I think about it. I haven’t watched it yet. Is it any good?

Anyway, tomorrow I suspect I’ll write a bit about STALKER: Call of Pripyat, as review embargo will have cleared. Check Resolution Magazine at midnight for my thoughts. And at whatever time they stick new content up, for an even bigger review. Man!


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