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I’m advance-writing again here, mainly because I suspect that, by the time this goes online, I’ll be in bed with a bucket next to me or something. I appear to have caught the first stomach bug I’ve had since… well, since the last one, a year or so ago, but before that the last time must have been when I was a child. Between the ages of about 10 and 20 I don’t think I threw up once, except for one night of booze-based over-indulgance at about age 17. And I hate this sickness malarkey. Give me the flu any day over anything gastrointestinal. (Actually, probably don’t, but still…)

I have to make sure my Stalker review goes up on Reso without a hitch at midnight, after which I intend to retire to bed with a cool flannel, a glass of water and a clear path to the bathroom just in case.

Yeah, Stalker reviews. Reso one will be here by the time you read this. And the one will, er, probably be somewhere on Enjoy them. We’ll talk about the game later.


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