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The Future Is Here

It really is. Here’s how I know.

When my new machine arrived shortly after Christmas, I was delighted to discover my monitor had no power switch. Instead, it has a power sensor. There’s a little area in the bottom right of the frame that, when you lightly run your thumb over it, powers the monitor on or off. It’s completely ridiculous, and it’s brilliant.

But J.D.’s new laptop goes one step further. J.D.’s new laptop doesn’t require a password to log in. Oh, no. J.D.’s new laptop requires you to perform a thumb scan.


I am not making this up.

To log into Windows on J.D.’s new laptop, you put your thumb in front of the webcam, and it works out whether you’re you or not.

We tried it. For J.D., it worked. For me, it didn’t. Spectacular! Completely brilliant! The future is here.


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  1. My old housemate’s laptop used to have facial recognition at logon. But it didn’t work very well in the dark, so was a bit crap. Still. Future!

  2. Not very useful for twins though, with identical DNA, surely?

    Embedded id chips?


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