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I’m going to be speed-reviewing BioShock 2 tomorrow. This will be the second time delayed review code will have thrown up this problem. The last was Batman: Arkham Asylum. The problem is, of course, that reviews lose their value exponentially after launch, especially on the Internet. Get more than a few days past a big release, and they’re basically useless.

So. PC review code for BioShock 2 – and I’m reviewing it on the PC, hence the problem – went out today, to arrive tomorrow morning. We’ve promised the Resolution review by Wednesday afternoon. That means spending basically all of Tuesday playing the thing, right into the night if needs be, until I’m bloody finished with it.

Obviously that isn’t an ideal situation. Very few people play games like that. You’ve got to be absolutely aware of two things. One: that forcing yourself to play for long stretches at a time can lead to you underrating something, as it’s not natural, and can get tedious even with the best of titles. Two: that starting to write immediately after finishing a game, if it’s a good game, can lead to you overrating it. A fine balance on both accounts. I still feel I slightly overrated Arkham Asylum. I gave it a 9, but if I were to pen the review now, it’d be a strong 8.

Hopefully all will be well, though. I’m a tough cookie.


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  1. That’s pretty hardcore. You should wear a Bruce Willis style vest as you play.

  2. Best of luck! Man, everyone will be doing that. DON’T SPOIL THE FOLLOWING: You’re really jack, the big sisters are clones of tenenbaum, the boss big sister is atlas in a dress, it’s really millions of years after humanity has been destroyed, Andrew Ryan is really alive, soylent green is people, etc.


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