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BioShock 2

I’ve just finished BioShock 2.

My review will be online at Resolution tomorrow afternoon. It’s a really interesting one. I think I know the angle I’m going to take.

What an interesting game. In a completely different way to its predecessor.

I usually hate having to review things to tight deadlines, but with BioShock 2 I can’t think of any other way I’d have wanted to play it than in basically a single sitting, eight hours with my fists glued to the controller, TV positioned on the table in front of me. It’s the perfect game for that sort of session.

Right. Time to put figurative pen to figurative paper, methinks.


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  1. People have went on about games shortening in length and getting more expensive, and I don’t disagree, but isn’t it cool to sit down, play, and experience an entire story before you stand up again?

    • Yep. Though, funnily enough, I really do have a problem with BioShock 2’s length. When you make a sequel that already feels similar enough to be an expansion, having it last short of eight hours is pushing it a bit…


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