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Three Levels

A short blog today, since I’m all wiped out from finally finishing a bloody feature that’s been looming over me for weeks.

A few years ago, a friend of mine spent literally hours laughing non-stop at a joke someone told her. “It works on three levels!” she shrieked between snorts and the sort of silent belly-laugh that really hurts your insides.

This was the joke:

I was walking through town the other day, and there was a busker playing Dancing Queen on the digeridoo. I thought, ‘that’s Aboriginal.’


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  1. Haha, it took a minute to ‘click’ though!

    I remember my Dad almost driving into a central reservation once, after being told a joke (one that can’t be repeated here).

  2. I just told my girlfriend this joke. She wasn’t impressed. I need a new girlfriend.


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