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So, UbiSoft have actually gone fucking mental. Cracking.

I’m sure everyone in the world has heard by now: Assassin’s Creed II on the PC requires a constant internet connection in order to run a single-player game. There is literally no reason for there to be an internet connection requirement, except that it requires continual verification that you actually own the game. Which, of course, if you didn’t own the game, someone would have disabled for you, so you could run it. So, um, it prevents people who’ve bought the game legitimately but have less reliable internet connections from playing, while letting the pirates off. Once again, remarkable.

I just don’t understand. In fact, 9AM tomorrow, I am going to get in touch with UbiSoft and ask them if they wouldn’t please just explain to me in simple terms why they are doing this. None of this anti-piracy bollocks, unless they can explain exactly why I’m wrong about how it doesn’t work. I want to know the reasons. Because, at present, all I can think is this: publishers don’t like the second-hand market, and want to find a way of utterly obliterating it as quickly as possible.

Might I be right?


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  1. I’m working on a plan for people to protest this in an actual meaningful way that Ubisoft will notice. I’m working on the technicalities of it, and it might not come together, but I’ll let you know if it does.

  2. I just want to say, because I want to vent, that I scored this new story back in fuggin’ January!

    I just phoned up Ubisoft and said “will Assassin’s Creed use this DRM?” and they were like, “yup!”

    Ah well, that’s the internet for ya.


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