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Waggle the Left Stick

I’m pretty sure One A Day isn’t just for linking to stuff you’ve written elsewhere, so I’d better fill a paragraph describing what I’m about to link to. I recently played Ninja Blade on the PC, and found it to be so staggeringly awful a conversion that I had to rant about it elsewhere. Fortunately, the lovely folk at Think Services have carelessly given me free reign to write about whatever the crazed heck I want twice a month, so that became my outlet. There. That’s a paragraph.

In the piece, I say things like this:

Just as a quick guide to what we’re dealing with here: when you create a new save file at the start of Ninja Blade on the PC, it warns you not to “turn off your console.” Yes, Ninja Blade is one of those conversions: not so much converted as made to perfunctorily run on a different machine.

And you can read the rest at GameSetWatch here.


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