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The Letter C Is Missing!

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You know when a song just scratches that horrible, horrible itch that’s lodged deep within your brain and soul? You know when that song is so irrefutably awful that you find yourself instinctively turning the volume down before you start listening, just in case your neighbours hear and think differently of you? You know when, despite its awfulness, that song is just so good that you end up cranking it back up in time for the first chorus? And then listening to it on repeat, at an astonishing volume, all evening?

You know when the artist has a fucking dollar sign in her name, and misses the letter C from the song title, twice?


Ke$ha’s album is awful. Really, properly, disgustingly horrible. The vast majority of it is beyond, beyond atrocious. One song is alright. And one is so bad, so utterly grimy and repulsive, that I love it to musical hell and back.

Tik Tok is the song that scratches that itch; the guilty pleasure that, after weeks of listening to it, you become oddly proud of liking. File it next to Robyn’s Konichiwa Bitches in the future, maybe. It’s not there yet. Not on a level where I’ll write thousands of words about how great it is.

But you do get a short blog post, and a link to the video. I’ll also note that it totally wouldn’t work if she was from anywhere else in the world. It’s her Tenessee accent that absolutely nails it. Wonderful, disgusting pop music, and a real contender for the best shit song of the year.


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  1. My cousin is addicted to this song. It is annoyingly addictive.
    *bangs head against wall*


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