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Work-related drinking

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Get the drinks in, like.

That’s a picture of the pub I’ll be spending Sunday drinking in, a day which I would absolutely have justified funding through Resolution if we weren’t already shockingly low on budget. It’s the first AIGW (Association of Independent Games Websites) meetup, which is supposedly a platform for non-commercial online videogame publications to discuss ideas and best practices. In actual fact, I suspect it’s more likely to be “a bunch of games journalists getting drunk.”

Which would mean that, y’know, London’s a long way to go to just do that. But I’m actually really looking forward to this. There are just shy of 30 people attending the hired-out venue in the afternoon, including a whopping great bunch of writers I’ve never met. A few of those non-meetings are ridiculous, too, and it’s about time we put them right. I’ve not met Lauren! Or Sam! Or Andrea! And they’re all going to be there, which is delightful.

I suspect I’ll post more about this once it’s actually happened. I’ll be travelling down tomorrow, since I can’t get to London early enough on the Sunday, so Monday’s when you’ll next hear from me.


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