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In which Lewis Denby and Lauren Wainwright review The Last Remnant

Lewis: The last JRPG I played was The Last Remnant. I still want my hours back.

Lauren: Haha! Last Rem. I gotta finish that. I’m so near the end too.

Lewis: You mean it ends!?

Lauren: Yup. It’s like a real videogame.

Lewis: I’ll give it that much. It is quite literally a videogame.

Lauren: You can literally put it in the console, and load it up.

Lewis: Fucking hell. It’s a revolution.

Lauren: Literally.

Lewis: Indeed. It is quite literally revolting.

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  1. I’d literally give this post a score.

    A score out of 10.


  2. This begs the question, why oh why would you ever start it in the first place?

  3. Also, that picture made me slightly ill in my mouth.

  4. It had some cool ideas. It didn’t use them.

  5. This takes me back to the amiga power days… Which you’ll never remember because you’re young. And I’m old. Natch.



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