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Vote Honestly Tomorrow, Please.

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In a little over seven hours, if you’re British and over the age of 18, you can go and vote. And you are going to. Right?

That’s the main thing. That’s the obvious thing. Of course you’re going to vote. Heck, at a push, just turn up and spoil your paper. At least you can pretend you’re making a stand that way, instead of sitting at home being lazy.

But yes, let’s assume you’re already a pleasant enough person to go and vote. Today, a lot of people I know have been voicing their desperate pleas that people do not, under any circumstances, vote Conservative. I’m not going to recommend that. What I’m going to absolutely encourage everyone to do – and it might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised – is this:

Vote for whom you want to win.

If you honestly think the Tories are the best party for the job? Then by all means, go for it. That’s your vote, and that’s important. Any of the other parties? Absolutely. Do it. Haven’t bothered to work out which party you’re most aligned with? Well, like I say, you have seven hours. Start now.

Sod tactical voting. Sod trying to work out who else is going to vote for who and in which constituancies and stop it. Work out who you want to represent you in parliament. Vote for that person. Vote for that party. Vote honestly, and who knows what could happen…?


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  1. Thanks for those inspiring words Lewis. First thing tomorrow morning, I’m off to vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party. Seriously.

  2. My god, what have you done?! MY GRAPHS! MY POLLS!


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