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As per a few friends doing this, here’s a few notable search terms via which people have landed on this here blog.

Lewis Denby

Well, you’d hope so.

Digital: A Love Story

And several variations on this. When Kumar linked the wonderful gem of a game on Twitter, I played it right through then immediately headed over here to write about it.


Which, clearly, is now one word. I suspect my “core videogames are analogous to sex” nonsense might be the cause here.

Hunters Chicken BBQ Sauce

I told people about my delicious Hunters’ Chicken meal on here once. It really was delicious.

Skins S4E1

Which I talked about. I still haven’t finished the series actually. Is it on 4OD?

Sexo Games

Sexo games?

Yume Nikki Analysis

My blog about weird indie game Yume Nikki still gets a bunch of comments every now and then, most recently today, even though it was one of the first things I wrote on here.

GameCamp 2

Which I went to, and wrote about, just recently.

Christine Sarah Love

Aw, her full name as well. This is Christine Love, exceptional writer responsible for Digital: A Love Story.

Analogy Games

An odd one. Perhaps the games-sex-analogy again?

Illegal Phrases

I have no idea what an illegal phrase is, but I would love to hear one right now.

Games Sexo

Games Sexo?

Game Sex

I am if you are.

Digital: A Love Story Spoiler



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