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Twitter Research: My Dissertation, Online

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Um, yes, I was going to be writing about my holiday day-by-day, wasn’t I? Sorry about that. I’ll probably write more about that in a bit. Maybe.

For now, here’s some TL;DR for you. Remember I was doing some research into the language of Twitter for my degree? Remember how some of you helped me with it? Well, it’s now marked (a 2:1, thanks for asking. An enormously frustrating 1.5% away from a 1st), which means I’m now happy to lob it online. So, here it is, all 7 billion pages of it.

The Language of Twitter: Linguistic Innovation and Character Limitation in Short Messaging. (.pdf)


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  1. Thank you for posting the dissertation here.. i would like to ask about the year!! for the sake of documentation as a trusted source.. thanks in advance.


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