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I’ve given Suzie a new home. It seemes a shame to keep her languishing in the basement of this blog. I mean, her being buried here meant that, until today, she only had one part published so far. Which won’t do when you’re hoping people will actually follow something, of course. For those who don’t know, Suzie’s Doll is my attempt to write odd fiction. You can read the first two parts here – and if you like it, you’d be doing me a tremendous help by leaving comments, telling others about it, tweeting about it, or simply adding it to your bookmarks and reading new parts as and when they’re added. That’d be really lovely.

I’ve also been doing other writing, because that is my job. Here, for example, I review StarCraft II:

It’s typical. You wait 12 years for a StarCraft sequel, then three show up at once. Okay, not quite. Wings of Liberty is just one third of the StarCraft II saga, with two further expansions – one for each of the fiction’s remaining races – set for release at some point in the indeterminate near-ish future. Some have said that after 12 years, a third of a game simply isn’t enough. [READ ON]

While over at PC Gamer, I prod people in the direction of some splendid free games, which includes a funny bit I’m happy with:

Moonbase Alpha is a game about being a repairman on the moon. Which… isn’t quite the most exciting premise for a game set on the moon, granted. But it’s also a co-op game. And with friends by your side, there’s actually a lot of fun to be had – even if it’s simply in jumping around and cracking jokes about how you’re “over the moon” that NASA has decided to branch out into game development. [READ ON]

And… oh, there’s more stuff. At BeefJack, and RPS, and other usual haunts. Oh, did I mention I’m doing retro reviews for HonestGamers now? Well I am. Here’s one on Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon:

It’s funny what you remember, and how clearly you remember it. Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, the third title in Revolution Software’s seminal adventure series, released way back in 2003. Yet going back to it this week, I still recalled almost every one of its early jokes, and the exact manner in which a French cleaning lady wished me au revoir. [READ ON]

I have a cold.


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