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Two Bloomin’ Delightful Announcements

I am happy to be able to reveal two things I’ve been secretly working on.


‘GAMES?’ is a new monthly online magazine edited by Ashton Raze of the Telly Graph. Sorry. The Telegraph. It’s dedicated to the games that don’t get the coverage they deserve in the mainstream, the stuff that’s pushing the boundaries of what gaming can be, and suchlike. It’s a vague remit, but basically: no space marines. The idea is to approach games from a more experiential point of view, and it launches on Wednesday.

Anyway, I’ve been on design duties for this, piecing together all the pretty pictures and suchlike. I’ve also, in a splendid freelance capacity, written the cover feature for Issue 1. Which meant I got to play the new Dear Esther. Which is wonderful, and looking as exciting as mods get. Just about, anyway. Which brings me neatly onto


Fans of Nestlings or whatever might be happy to know I’m working on a new mod project! Alas it isn’t my own new project. But it is a very exciting mod for Half-Life 2 called Visage. Don’t worry: they’re not letting me loose with Hammer editor or anything. I’m restricted to what I know best: writing words.

The team have already got the basic story in place, but I’ll be in charge of tying up all the loose ends, adding a bit of spice here and there, and drafting the dialogue. It’s an incredibly exciting mod about the dark history of a town called Hovg√•rd.

Here’s a teaser trailer. I’m really pleased to be working on this. Genuinely think it could be rather special. But then I would say that.

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  1. GAMES? sounds like a good read to ME?

    Visage looks nifty, though I wouldn’t mind having some of that writing featured somehow in the trailer. Ah well.

    P.S. Do you write for Visage in screenplay format?

    • Sorta, but not quite. The nature of how games are structured (and the fact that I’m not the person in charge of certain scene-setting elements, which are instead the level designers’ domain) means straight screenplay format wouldn’t really work.


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