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Vote For Us. You’d Be The South-By-South-BEST.

Would you like to see me talk words at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas next March?

Dan Pinchbeck‘s trying to set up a panel of speakers to talk about art/avant/not/experimental games. Because he’s lovely/a crazy fool, he’s been kind enough to invite me onto it. BUT, the folks at SXSW will only actually let us go and do this if they reckon people think it’s a good idea. Which means it’s done on a votey-sorta-system.

The panel, should they choose to accept us, will consist of Dan and myself, as well as Michael Samyn and Aurea Harvey from Tale of Tales, games academic Tracy Fullerton, and sound designer/digital artist Jessica Curry chairing.

Of course, if we do get voted in, that’ll be when we start panicking and trying to convince people to pay for our flights and hotel rooms and stuff. But, y’know. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

For now, VOTEVOTEVOTE. You need to register then click the little up-thumb, I would think. Hoorah! Thank you.


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