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Suzie’s Doll, the United States, and Things

Firstly, there’s part three of Suzie’s Doll now available to read. In case you didn’t know, this is my attempt to publish a story one snippet at a time, writing it as I go along. Part three includes paragraphs such as:

“Look,” says Richard, and places a hand on Suzie’s shoulder, trying to dodge any conflict himself. Then he says something like, “We’ve driven… fuck, I dunno, a really, really fucking long way, right? And I’m tired, and I’m sure you probably are as well, and I think the absolute best possible course of action right now is to open the door, walk inside, take advantage of the fact that there’s a kettle already in the kitchen, and drink a lot of coffee. You with me?”

So, yes, drink some coffee and have a read.

Right. Onwards. To New York, specifically.

I’m going to New York on Monday morning, in another of my attempts to get the hell away while there’s a big games event on. (Actually this has been purely coincidental: the first two decent holidays I’ve been on in ages just happen to have fallen on E3 week and Gamescom week.) The last time I was in the USA was… oh, man, it must be almost ten years ago. I’ve never been to New York. I intend to be very touristy.

This also means I’ve not done a long-haul flight in ages, which means I’m being silly and nervous. I’ve flown a little way a few times since, but never in the air for more than, say, three hours. Apparently this time off has given me an odd half-phobia of long-haul flights, which I really need to nip in the bud given that I’ll probably be travelling a lot over the next few years. If things go well, anyway.

I don’t mind travelling per se, of course. I live in Leeds, but I have to be in London quite a lot, so I’m often on the train. Then again, that’s the safest form of transport. (Don’t let the aviation industry pointlessly lie to you about this. The statistics the industry uses are ludicrous, plotting fatalities against distance. That might seem like a sensible way of doing things until you consider that planes travel extraordinary distances at extraordinary speeds. Really all you’d be caring about is how often you’re travelling and how long you’re in the vehicle in question on each of those journeys, in which case trains come out just a little bit on top. Although your chances of being killed during a flight are still approximately 1 in 12,500,000, compared to being fatally struck by lightning at some point in your life – the end of it, probably – which is about 1 in 10,000,000.)

So yeah, mild nerves. But at the same time, New York, man.

Chat to you all next weekend.


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  1. Enjoy New York. It is a magical land of wonderment. I miss the east coast terribly these days.

  2. I would love to recommend New York, but I’ve actually never been there. However, I can’t argue with a place that’s put out so many great bands.

    Trains are way more fun than planes, though maybe it’s because I associate planes with packing an annoying amount for the sub-par flights from North Carolina to Chicago. On the other hand, I associate trains with Chicago.


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