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Sheltered – Another strange Half-Life 2 mod

A while back I announced that I’m working on Half-Life 2 mod Visage. And I wasn’t lying – in fact, my big project next week is to finish off the plot document. However, I’ve also been brainstorming and designing and prototyping for something else over the past several months, and I’m finally ready to unveil what I’ve been working on.

It’s a sorta-room-escape mod called Sheltered!

For a while I’ve wanted to do a room-escape game. I think they have so much potential beyond what they tend to be: low-budget Flash creations with annoying pixel-hunting. I’ve also been thinking about the reward of discovery in games, and how you can go about playing with that.

While not an enormous mod, this is probably the most ambitious solo project I’ve taken on. Well, except Post Script, but ssh. Expect it to be released on its release date.


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  1. Ava Avane Dawn

    Awesome, looking forward to it. Really liked nestlings. Hm, did Post script turn out to be far… less than you intended? Didn’t seem very well thought-out to me, or rather it began as if it would turn into something big, but then it just sort of… didn’t. ^^

    • Basically, I made the classic error of writing and designing something that I just never quite found the time to dive into properly. I really do want to assemble a team to help me make the full five episodes, as I genuinely think it has mileage in it. I’m still searching. Fingers crossed.

  2. Calling it “room escape” might send the message that escaping is the point versus exploring- not that the genre has done anything to suggest other courses of action.

    Maybe “immersive room sim?”

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  4. After your plea on your RPS post I was intrigued by what your experiences of finding voice actors involved and generally if it’s an affordable route for someone releasing a free mod to take and what kind of things you need to consider.

    I’m working on creating a mod and if it’s still a thing that’s happening in maybe a year’s time, then I know I will almost certainly need a little bit of voice acting to go in it. I was pondering just doing it myself or getting friends involved but it would be interesting to know about alternatives.

    • Unless you are actually an actor, I would beg you not to do it yourself. Nothing turns me off a game – amateur or otherwise – than characters whose actors can’t act.

      I’m auditioning folks at the moment, all of whom are happy to work for free. You should be looking to approach amateur film and drama groups, or online amateur voice acting communities: basically, people whose primary goal at the moment is to get more roles on their resumé. A lot of these people will be talented enough to “make it”, but you can get in there before they do.


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