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Work Wot I Have Bin Up To

I haven’t been updating this place in ages, because I have been busy for ages. Which, you know, is good. Many of you will know that, over the summer, I took a plunge on being a full-time games journalist, so being busy means it’s at least vaguely paying off. As long as I don’t check my bank balance too often, I can just about convince myself that this is all worthwhile.

But yes, busy busy. And glancing at my about page earlier – which I’ll update after this – I noticed I was still claiming to be writing for PC Zone, which means it’s probably far too long since I actually wrote anything about what I’ve been up to. So, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Obviously BeefJack, which I guess is the closest thing I have to a day job. I’m in charge of editorial there. I’ve been churning out a fair amount of news content as well as shit tonnes of previews very recently, though in the long run I’ll likely be more hands-off in terms of writing content at BeefJack, and more hands-on in the background, making sure we’re growing as an outlet and getting some of the most lovely new writers in to make the words happen. Oddly, this behind-the-scenes stuff is what I’m enjoying most about the gig. It’s constantly challenging, massively frustrating, and I’m in way over my depth. But it’s a lot of fun, and I’m learning a lot as I go.

But obviously I am still going to be writing elsewhere. At the moment my most frequent other hang-out is at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, where I continue to write the Mod News column every Wednesday. It’s a site I’m really glad to have become a regular part of – a place with a really distinct character and a website that’s enormously on the grow.

I’m also producing stuff more regularly for PC Gamer, or, more specifically, their website. There I have a monthly PC freebies roundup column, and am doing other bits and bats as and when Tim lets me. Which, as he is lovely, is fairly often. One of the great things about the arrival of the PCG website is that it allows Tim more editorial freedom to try things out, meaning that so far he’s been fairly receptive of various ridiculous ideas. Commissioning a feature about the best intros to games, for example, which is something I’ve suggested to a few people in the past and been met with a polite “um no.” So that’s good.

Meanwhile, there’s another thing I’m involved with that I haven’t posted about on here before. It’s a new blog called Gameroni, set up by Jason Venter who also runs HonestGamers. The idea is that HG will become more of a community portal, while Gameroni will focus on editorial. I’m doing fortnightly retro reviews there, as well as occasional not-so-retro bits and pieces. I have a huge amount of respect for what Jason is doing, and he remains absolutely spectacular to work with as an editor. His attention to detail is phenomenal, and his willingness to try out new ideas and let me try out new things with my writing is fantastic. Also, fuck, take a look at the lineup of absolute stars he has in his pool of talent. To be writing alongside the likes of Tom Chick, Kyle Orland and Rob Zacny is to me a great honour, and I hope the site is a success for all involved.

Then there’s GameSetWatch, which… yeah, I feel bad about this one. I’m absolutely, preposterously rubbish at submitting content. Simon Carless, my editor there, is so utterly nice that he doesn’t even kill me to death every fortnight. I have some ideas for what I want to do with GSW stuff, which I won’t mention here because I haven’t even run them past Simon yet. But I hope I’ll be continuing to write here, because it’s an awesome blog which you should definitely read.

There’s more, a bit. I’m still doing the occasional piece here and there for I’ve just finished writing something for Eurogamer, and there’s potentially something else in the pipeline elsewhere on the web.

And that is what’s been keeping me busy.

Here’s some links to various stuff.

Fallout retro review – Gameroni
Mod News columns – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
All my BeefJack stuff in one handy author profile
And the same for my PC Gamer work
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions review –

That’ll do.


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  1. Simon Carless is the nicest editor in the world…


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