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BeefJack’s after a copy editor

I’m lobbing this up here so that I can link it more widely. Basically: we’re looking to take on a copy editor at BeefJack. Full details below.

Do you fancy yourself as a budding editor? If so, BeefJack might have a position for you.

I’m looking to take on a copy editor, whose primary responsibility will be to take submitted articles and brush them into shape. You’ll be correcting errors, as well as fact-checking, trimming, and generally transforming drafted copy into publishable pieces for the site.

You’ll need an expert command of the English language, a keen eye for detail, and a good understanding of style and register. You’ll also need to have the time to edit a couple of articles every weekday.

BeefJack is a rapidly growing, increasingly respected games website. We like to think it’s one of the most exciting upcoming sites on the scene. We have a readership approaching 200,000 uniques per month, and you’ll have the chance to be a part of the outlet as it expands.

This is a voluntary position (for the moment, at least), but will provide essential experience for anyone pursuing a career in writing or editorial. Working with other experienced editors, you’ll learn the minutiae of style, as well as the production and publication process. You will refine your ability to identify and communicate with a readership, a skill which will look outstanding on any budding journalist’s CV. This is a rare opportunity to gain production editing experience – it is usually a field reserved for those who have already left their mark in professional journalism, yet the skills you will gain are fantastically helpful to those starting out in the field.

Begin by emailing┬ájobs[at], attaching unedited samples of your own work. Tell us why you think you’d be ace at the role. Impress us.


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