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Masked: My room-escape game, out now

I made a game! It’s called Masked.

It’s a short-form point-and-click adventure. More precisely, it’s a room-escape game, which I made in response to bafflement at missed opportunities within the genre.

Everyone fears being trapped. The idea is terrifying. So why don’t more room-escape games play on these sorts of primal emotions? Heck, I’d be happy if some bothered to try anything interesting with storytelling at all.

So yes, this is my attempt to do just that. It’s my first Adventure Game Studio release, it took me just a couple of weeks to make, and it’s not supposed to be hyper-polished, but… yeah. See what you think. I’ll write a lengthier commentary when I get the chance.


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  1. I finished, i liked, and i trying to make theories here 😀

    Nice! I’ll admit I was a skeptic for most of the game, but that’s how I feel most of the time when playing adventure games. I liked the ending. I actually got chills a couple times, especially when entering the second room with the music change, which was well-timed. I think the game could still be improved considerably by cleaning up some parts of the dialogue, maybe making the ending speech quicker, and using better art for the flashing, pre-crash shot of the vengeful lover, which was a low point. But it hit me fairly hard in an unusual emotional territory for a game, especially one so short.

  3. very nice.. give me a nice feeling while playing. even if its not long and not complex. thumbs up!
    like “LPL” said you could improve some parts,
    in my opinion: the text in the middle part was a little bit too long. i think there are to many details (she talks too much). and for the scene with the girl i would just take a short flash of a picture.
    anyway its a great game

  4. Neat game. I was curious, since you got my attention with the Sheltered thing from ages ago (I’m one of the women you cast, so I got to hear the story précis :D) and I found that all very interesting, so I thought I’d give this a looksee. It’s a neat little short adventure and I enjoyed playing it. 🙂

  5. Thanks for making this game! I enjoyed it quite a bit. I love little free games like this that take up 10-20 minutes of my time and…nothing more.

    The writing is good and the game has depth overall. Thanks to the ending, I’m not entirely sure what the game was about, which is a good thing, I think. It’s artfully ambiguous. And, more importantly for me, inspiring. Games are a good outlet for artistic expression. I’m looking forward to trying out some stuff like this. I write short stories, but…who reads short stories? I won’t say that medium is dead, but it’s sure not thriving. Games, on the other hand, are just getting better. I mean, there’s cool stuff like this out there!

    I’m looking forward to checking out some of your other stuff–whatever you have on this blog. I see that you have another game you made for your girlfriend, and it looks like fun. Thanks for making the game, and thanks for putting it on the PC Gamer free games of the week article. Starting with Unmanned and the love letter game, those quirky free games have become my favorites. They’re restoring my love for videogames.


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