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Two Bloomin’ Delightful Announcements

I am happy to be able to reveal two things I’ve been secretly working on.

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How I came to be doing this

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A mega house moving week has prevented me from keeping up to date with this, and mega-conference-workload next week will probably mean another lull.  In the meantime, though, a couple of people have asked me how I’ve gone about getting into this games-writing lark, so I thought I’d pen an answer.  I meant it to be a couple of paragraphs.  It’s actually about a thousand words.


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Deus Ex revisited.

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A couple of weeks ago, HonestGamers UK-ed Gary Hartley mentioned the site was running retrospective reviews of what the site users had rated in the top 20.  He asked if I’d like to write something about Deus Ex.

People often assume I’ve written about it before.  I haven’t.  I’ve always kind of wanted to, but then, what do you say about it, you know?  It’s one of the reasons I’m not always keen on writing about games I love.  You have to pick them apart too much, treat them as scientific works instead of soaking in the glory of the game.

I accepted the assignment, obv.  And I wrote this.  I’m quite pleased with the result.