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Still Life? Still not finished.

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I have reviewed a computerised video game on the personal computer.

Sequel to 2005’s Still Life, the peculiarly named Still Life 2 had the opportunity to be as stylish as its predecessor while actually finishing off the story this time. And it did. But, y’know, forgot to finish everything else. So I’m mainly critical, saying things like this:

The inventory system is difficult and clunky. For no discernable reason, its background churns and jitters away like a bad animated gif, nauseating and horrible. In an incredible disregard for common sense, it prevents you from picking up even the tinest object – say, a strand of fibre – if the inventory’s full, while quite happily letting you cram a double matress into a small cabinet. Elsewhere, the fonts look like bad Word art, pushing out dialogue that would be better suited to a parody than a serious thriller. The voice acting’s no better – only Victoria’s actress, reprising her role from Still Life, provides respite from the high school drama club nonsense.

And you can read the whole thing here.